Damian Norris

Damian Norris is a Level I certified Crossfit trainer. Throughout high school and college Damian played several sports, and has remained active since. He graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Psychology. He began Crossfit in January of 2012 and obtained his certification in June of 2013. After seeing the difference Crossfit made in his life, both physically and mentally, and with his love of coaching, becoming a Crossfit trainer seemed like a natural fit. Damian is going into his fourteenth year of teaching and coaching football, basketball, and track. He enjoys seeing people excel and become passionate about improving their physical and emotional well-being. Damian looks forward to seeing a team and individuals from Crossfit Impressions make it to Regionals and the Games in the future. He is excited to be part of and grow with the Crossfit Impressions family.

CrossFit L-1

CrossFit Powerlifting

Stance Socks Expert

CrossFit Shoe Expert